HP enables 160 student innovators at IIT-BHU to find solutions to real world challenges/problems

Read how HP India Vision came to life

the corporate

HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd.

HP aims to enrich society and drive sustainable economic growth by giving people and businesses innovative ways to be more creative, productive, and successful through the power of information. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) remains a core value an

the Requirement

Meaningful CSR spends in line with the company’s ethos of Innovation.

An initiative in the education space which inculcates an innovation culture amongst youth and higher-ed institutions/universities with focus on U.P.

the Solution

To drive the culture of raising young innovators in universities

Create an innovation mindset among the IIT-BHU students and enabling them to solve problems of Technical and Social impact

160 students were taken through the Conceptual Research Experience (CRE) program followed by topic identification, literature review and abstract writing on proposed solution through continued mentoring sessions over a period of 9 months

the Process

Collaboration along the value chain

Drstikona put together a program involving various implementing entities for mobilisation, content, delivery, documentation, monitoring and follow through

the Challenges

Making all the gears work in rhythm

The key challenges was to ensure that the teams worked together. Mobilising and ensuring the Beneficiary group continued to stay engaged was crucial too.

The impact

Innovations in the Social and Technology space

The students of IIT-BHU came up with some path-breaking technology solutions in the areas of 3D printing and social problems

160 44 23 4 160 Student Innovators 42 Projects 22 papers in research Journals, 4 prototypes