Steelcase enables 820 children in NCT of Delhi and rural Haryana to be change makers

Read how Steelcase CSR vision came to life

the Corporate

Steelcase India Pvt Ltd

Is a US based furniture company, founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for office environments and for the education, health care and retail industries.

the Requirement

meaningful CSR spend in line with the company`s ethos of design

an initiative in the school education space which enables the children for the future

the Solution

making children future-ready

Give the underprivileged children of today, the tools to think for a better tomorrow. Using Design Thinking approach enables children with creativity and solutioning skills.

820 students from underprivileged backgrounds were introduced to Design Thinking through a structured program, the tools to think for a better tomorrow.

the Process

Collaboration along the value chain

Drstikona put together a program involving various implementing entities for mobilisation, content, delivery, documentation, monitoring and follow through.

the Challenges

Making all the gears work in rhythm

The key challenges was to ensure that the teams worked together. Mobilising and ensuring the Beneficiary group continued to stay engaged was crucial too.

the Impact

Innovative ideas to solve day-to-day problems

The children worked in teams to come up with a number of Innovative solutions, worked in teams to generate ideas which would solve the problems in their community/schools and or enhance their lives.

84 solutions to daily life situations and problems ranging from self-inflating bags for gas cylinder leakage, effective waste disposal, effective study spaces and such.