Employability for GenX youth

Bridge Courses to employment

Sector: Rural Development, Vocational Skills, Livelihood, Reducing Inequality

Beneficiaries Group: Youth

Location: Karnataka | Andhra Pradesh | Tamil Nadu


A foundation which works with BPL youth helping them to move into the mainstream economy since 2003. Transformation through relevant skilling, mindset and employment.


Government general college based employability skills development program to make the graduates ready for employment through technical skills, life skills and access to job opportunities

Current Situation

In Karnataka alone there are about 100,000 youth graduating each year with negligible numbers getting job after their graduation. This has a catastrophic impact on the youth, the colleges and the society in general

Program validity: 01 July 2016 To 30 June 2020

Total Funds Requirement:   3cr

Tax Deduction Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA

Organisation status: Sec 8

Funding Opportunity

a. Bridge Courses to employment