Innovate India

Sector: Education

Research Incubator, Concept Paper

Beneficiaries: Youth, Industry, Academic Institutions


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Entrepreneurs, Global Innovation Index, India Ranking, Social Impact, Research Publications

In Brief

India’s ranking has slipped to 81 in the Global Innovation Index. Fuel innovation in academic institutions in the country across various industries and social sectors through Research Incubators and Entrepreneurship support. The CSR, Research and Business funds can work for larger societal impact. The current ambition is to get Rs. 100 crores deployed in various institutes across the country.


Limited bandwidth with faculty

Role models far and few for students

Absence of culture of innovation within institutes

Difficult to monitor progress

Research considered a space reserved for a select few

Current Soultion Set
a. Research Incubator

b. Concept Papers

Benefits to the stakeholders

Alliances and Partners in the journey


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