We endeavor to help corporates to enhance their value creation through the funds deployed in the Impact space. We help NGOs/Service Providers to engage in meaningful sustainable projects.

Making a Difference

Drstikona is a curated marketplace and program management firm for sustained Impact through collaboration and appropriate interventions. Our platform works as a force multiplier to create a sustained Social Impact by forging logical partnerships between various stakeholders. Make your investments in CSR, Research & Business funds work for larger societal impact. We will support you in this endeavor.

The Opportunity

With the economy expected to grow 3 times in next 5 years from $2Tn to $6Tn, the development spend would grow to about $100Bn at the current rates and marketing impact funds could potentially grow to more than $50Bn. By 2020 impact investing would touch $6.5Bn. There are players who are affecting the positive change, but large scale interventions are required to combat India's pressing problems. Collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders would enhance the overall impact.

On Ground Reality

Billions of dollars in millions of buckets but marginal impact on ground. The private funder market size is estimated to be $22.1Bn with well over 3 million NGOs across India, many of which implement CSR strategies and deliver public good at the grassroots. However, for optimal allocation of resources and efforts market disruptive models are required to bring the maximum impact.