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Societal Problems are best solved by those facing them. Children to drive change in their own communities using a simple design-thinking framework.


Design Thinking is a powerful way for todays students to learn and solve real world challenges, and its being implemented by educators all around the world. And by imparting this knowledge at a K-12 level, we are building capacity in youngsters so that they become problem solvers.


We ran a very successful program for students of Grade 9, 11 from Government school in Haryana and Delhi NCT. Students were taken through a structured 24 hour Design Thinking Program over a a period of 4 months. The hands-on project-based learning culminated in a showcase with some brlliant indigenous solutions.

Stakeholders Speaks

  • The children are very creative. Since they are labour-class children they do not get anything. When their curiosity gets converted to creativity, Innovations are possible.

    Mukesh Lata,
    Govt. Senior Secondary School, Daulatabad

  • Steelcase philosophy for many years has been around design thinking. In talking and working along with Drstikona, we zeroed in on EBCD to deploy our CSR; where not many people go to but we would want to go there and possibly find out unexplored talent when it comes to thinking about design.

    Praveen Rawal,
    Managing Director India, Singapore and SEA, Steelcase

  • EBCD program taught us how to solve the smallest of problems/issues. We were able to contribute to solving societal problems too.

    Haryana Government school, Daulatabad

  • Change by Design has not ever come to a school like this. And it is going to bring a change in thinking in the society in the long run to come

    Shilpa Sonal,
    Founding Director Sanshill Foundation

  • Engaging with kids is always fun. If they pick up something which is interesting, something which is going to make a change, we have added something to their lives.

    Ankur Grover,
    CO-Founder Tinker Labs

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    Success Story

    "Steelcase and Drstikona brainstormed to come up with a future readiness Innovation and skilling program using Design Thinking for the students from EWS category"

    Praveen Rawal

    MD India and South Asia, Steelcase

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